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My personal health journey began as a young mother of a baby girl. I experienced severe stress in my workplace, suffered from sleep deprivation and tried to reconcile family and work life. As you might imagine, at some point I realised that something had to change. As health comes first, I started to improve my own lifestyle by slowly integrating more exercise and mindfulness practices into my life and felt enormous positive impacts.

Later on, I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes during my second pregnancy with my son. After all, it reminded me to stay consistent with a more healthy diet, active lifestyle and stress reducing practices. You probably think that lifestyle change is more difficult than it sounds. You are right, changing behaviour and forming new habits is not easy. It is a long journey and slow process than takes months and often requires support from an expert. However, once you integrate healthier habits into your every day life, it is hard to live without them!

Klara Ullmann
BSc Human Nutrition, MSc Epidemiology
photo by Anastasia Sitets

Although I have worked on improving health on a population level as a researcher, I realised that I wanted to work with people face to face. I have always been passionate about supporting individuals to improve their health and wellbeing through optimising their nutrition and lifestyle habits. My vision is to help others feel their best and I decided to become a self-employed nutrition and lifestyle expert, specialising in women’s health.

In my off time, I enjoy quality time with family and friends and nourishing my body & mind with meditation, yoga and time out in nature. I like travelling and meeting people from different cultures, painting and reading.

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Klara Ullmann
BSc Human Nutrition
MSc Epidemiology



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